Breakfast Made Easy

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Here are some of our favorite breakfast recipes.


Greek Yogurt Parfait
1 Container of Vanilla Greek Yogurt
½ Cup Fruit, fresh or frozen
¼ Cup Dry Cereal or Granola

Combine all ingredients and enjoy!

Tip: Leave the fruit in the yogurt for about half an hour before you eat it to give the yogurt a fruity flavor (a little bit longer if you’re using frozen fruit, that way it can thaw a bit). Add the cereal or granola just before you eat it so it doesn’t get soggy. 

Thoughts: I love this breakfast! I used to hate Greek yogurt, but eating it with some fruit and dry cereal (I use Vanilla Almond) gives it great flavor and a nice crunch. I’m not a fan of granola at all, so I add the dry cereal to take its place. It’s nice and light but the added ingredients help fill me up until lunch time.

Training Update:  I think the biggest accomplishment for me is that I’m still training! I normally give up, stop training, and try to wing it on race day. I’m really proud of myself for sticking to it. Splitting my training up into manageable sections really helps not become overwhelmed. Even though I’ve done longer races in the past, it was crazy to see how out of shape I became. Now that I’m making running a habit, I am definitely getting back in shape. 



Three-Minute Egg and Cheese Sandwich

1 egg
1 slice cheese
2 pieces of toast, or one set of sandwich thins

Did you know that you can cook eggs in the microwave? Any microwave-safe bowl or ramekin will do, and it takes less than a minute.


1.     Put bread or sandwich thins into the toaster and start toasting.
2.     Put egg in the microwave and set for ~30 seconds. It might take some experimenting to figure out how you like it.
3.     Place the slice of cheese onto one piece of toast and let it melt for a moment.
4.     Slide egg onto the other piece of toast.
5.     Combine the two halves, and enjoy!

Tip: Add some seasoning to your egg before you cook it for a bit of flavor. I like to use onion powder to get that “diner” feel without using salt or butter.

Thoughts: I started making egg sandwiches in college as an easy and nutritious alternative to fast food in the morning. If you’re in a rush, use aluminum foil instead of a plate for breakfast on the go! I love this sandwich because it’s filling and feels indulgent, even though it’s all healthy stuff. And I pair it with a piece of fruit and a mug of hot tea­– a luxurious, nutritious breakfast prepared in less than ten minutes.

Training Update: I had a really good run before the heat wave settled, and it gave me a lot more confidence in my running abilities. I feel a lot stronger than I had even a few weeks ago, so I don’t feel bad about skimping on workouts in this hot weather. My priority right now is staying hydrated and safe, even if that means modifying and even shortening my runs.

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