Morning, Noon, or Night?

Running at different times of the day can have different effects on people. See what our #TrainingTuesday runners prefer.

 When do you usually run?

 Amy: I’m an afternoon, post work, pre-dinner runner. In a perfect world I would be able to run before work, but I am not a morning person. The thought of leaving my nice, comforting bed to go run at 6 am is repulsive to me. Kudos to those of you that have stronger will power!

 Kate: Occasionally I can pry myself out of bed early, and that’s always my goal. But it rarely happens, so I usually end up running after work like Amy. It also depends on the weather—if it’s going to be a scorcher, I’ll try harder to get up and run before the weather gets bad.

 Have you tried running at different times of the day?

 A: Sort of… I’ve been able to go for walks before work and on my lunch, in hopes that the walks will turn into runs. It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m not giving up hope. I enjoy my morning walks because they help me wake up and give me a little bit more energy to start the day. Walking on my lunch is also great because it gets me outside and gives me a little break from the grind to help refresh my mind.

K: Yeah, I’ve gone for early morning, after work, and after dinner/before bed runs. It was kind of nice in high school and college when I was running as part of athletic practice, because they told us when to run and we ran. Now, I run whenever it’s convenient. It’s nice having the flexibility, but it can also be hard to stay consistent.

After your experience, why do you run when you do?

 A:  Mostly because it’s the most convenient time of day, but it’s also a great stress reliever at the end of a long day. Like I said, in a perfect world I would run in the morning and start the day on a high note. However, even though it sometimes is hard to motivate myself to run after a long day, ending the day on a high note is just as nice.

K:  I like the morning because it wakes me up, gets my day started early, and I don’t have to worry about running on a full stomach. But I also like after work because it’s in that sweet spot between lunch and dinner, and it helps me transition from work to home without just flopping on the couch until bedtime. I do not love running after dark, partly because of safety and partly because I prefer to have time to decompress between dinner and bed.

 Training Update:

 A: After being sick for a few days I took a little time off from running to make sure I was getting better and not adding more stress to my body. I feel confident in where I am with my training, so adding in that break won’t set me back too much. Once I’m 100% better I’m ready to pound the pavement and increase my intensity a little bit. I never thought I’d actually miss running!

K: I also took a week off, but because of the weather. I didn’t feel like I had somewhere I could continue training safely, because I’m really sensitive to heat and humidity. My plan this week is to run outside when I’m able, and to try treadmill workouts if the weather gets bad.

Psychologically, I’m getting nervous about my ability to run a 5K without embarrassing myself. The goal is to just keep trying, because I’ve already gotten so much farther in my training than I ever have before. I’m finding that training is just as much emotional as it is physical, and it’s tough to embrace the uncertainty. It’s been years since I ran in front of other people, and I hope I’ll be ready come September!

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