You Are What You Eat

A little over a month ago we talked about our eating habits and how they impact our running. With the race less than two weeks away, let’s check in and see how our #TrainingTuesday runners are fueling up for race day!

Looking back on your last post, have you noticed any change in your eating habits?

Amy: Something I noticed as my training progressed is that I’m now naturally inclined to grab a healthier option, especially if I know I have to run the next day. In the beginning/middle of my training I would have a debate in my head when picking healthier options, now it just comes natural. I do indulge every once and awhile, but nowhere near as much as I used to. Like Kate mentioned in the previous post, crappy food makes me feel crappy.  

Kate: Absolutely. It’s small things that I don’t think an outsider would notice, but I’m making healthier choices. I’m definitely less judgmental about what I eat and how. I also find myself planning ahead a little better. I embraced the fact that I can’t pack a whole day’s worth of food, so instead I let myself eat what feels or sounds good. When I’m not constantly stressing over whether I’m going to ‘mess up’ or make a bad choice, I find myself eating better.

 What’s your favorite meal or snack that helps you fuel up for a run?

 A: I’ve become obsessed with mini cucumbers! I’ve started eating them plain, with hummus, wrapped in turkey, or thrown in a sandwich or salad. They’re refreshing and crunchy, making a great afternoon snack. 

K: I’m getting back into salads. They’re so versatile and easy. Sometimes I load them up with protein, or sometimes it’s just a couple handfuls of lettuce and oil to get a leafy boost. And when it’s just greens, I find that I don’t have to worry too much about keeping it refrigerated.

 Are you looking to keep any habits you’ve developed after the race?

 A: Absolutely! Training for this race has reminded me how good it feels to be in shape and work out regularly. With fall and winter coming it will definitely be harder for me to motivate myself to keep running outside, but now that I’ve developed healthier habits, I’m feeling more confident.

K: I’ve settled into a routine that I’m looking forward to keeping up. Every week, I do a particular yoga class, and I go for my runs the same days and times. It’s gotten built-in so that even when I start to slack or lose motivation, I won’t lose all the habits that I’ve built up.

 Two weeks until race day, how are you feeling?

 A: I’m starting to get nervous, but I keep reminding myself of all the times I’ve been able to push myself in my training and I feel better. Part of me is also excited to finish the race. It feels like we’ve been working on this forever (so I should probably be more prepared than I am…) and it’ll feel great to accomplish a goal.

K: I’m just going to keep pushing. I’m planning a few more workouts, and then I’m going to give myself a good few low-impact days to rest up. I keep telling myself that attitude is everything! I’ve put the work in, so now all I can do is trust that I can make it happen. I’m feeling a little tired, but I also don’t need as much time to recover as when we first started training.

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