Feeling Fine with Five

Just 5 days left until the race!

How are you feeling?

 Amy: Right now it’s a combination of excitement and nerves. I’m excited for the race but nervous about how I’ll do. I’m a competitive person so I want to do well. I have to keep reminding myself that finishing the race is an accomplishment in itself and three months ago I wouldn’t have been able to. If I focus on the excited part I’ll be in great shape!

Kate: I think Amy captured it exactly. These next few days is all about keeping that positive attitude, and capitalizing on all that hard work we’ve been doing. I’m also feeling very tired! The fall is a busy time for me, and there hasn’t been much time for me to really give my muscles the rest and recovery they would like. I think that’s what’s making me the most nervous—the uncertainty of how my legs will hold up given how sore I’ve been.

 Are you ready?

 A: Yes and no. Some days I have good runs and feel really great and other days it feels like I won’t be able to finish. As long as I have a positive mindset on race day I know I’ll be able push through. I will admit, I wish I ran more than I did this summer. Once the heat wave in August hit I came up with every excuse not to run. If I had pushed through I would be in great shape now, but I’m still ready to crush it on race day!

K: Define “ready!” I’ve mobilized my pre-race plan of leafy greens, lots of hydration, and a little extra stretching. My workouts have been really difficult the last few weeks. I wish I had just a little more time to prepare, but I’ve put in the work and it’s time to see what I can do.

 Training Reflections:

 A: Like I mentioned, looking back I probably could have trained a little more and a little harder. But, I think I found a good balance between training, eating healthier, and still having a fun social life and finding time for myself this summer. Now that it’s cooler out I’m running more and I’ve started to push myself. If I could do it over I wouldn’t have taken so many breaks in between runs. I found once I took a few days off it was harder to get back into it.

K: I had the same experience as Amy. I had a really tough time earlier this week, and felt super defeated. My family reminded me that even though I recognize where I could have done more, I’ve been working really hard. It’s an accomplishment just to be training, and just to show up and give it a go on race day. I’ve come a long way, and I’m excited to see where I go from here.

 Good luck runners!

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