Stronger and Smarter

With less than a month until race day, it’s time to check in with our #TrainingTuesday runners! Remember our first week of training? Has Amy kept her motivation? Has Kate found her pace on the trail?

Remember how you felt after week 1, how does it feel now?

 Amy:  Training for this race has definitely helped me get back into shape. Slowly but surely I’m feeling more and more prepared. It definitely helps following the training app. Because each week was broken down into manageable sections, I never felt overwhelmed with the amount I’ve had to run, which helped me not give up. There were a few weeks I lost my motivation, I was sick, I was “too busy,” I was “too hot,” the excuses were endless, but luckily it only lasted a few days and I pushed myself to get back out there.

Kate: I’m with Amy. I feel way stronger than I did at the beginning of the summer, and way stronger than I would feel had I not been running. I have felt really overwhelmed at times, but I’m trying to just have faith that I can do it.

 What’s the biggest difference you’ve noticed since you began training?

 A: I definitely have more energy than I did when I started. Because I’m mostly running after work, I’m tired and ready for bed at a normal hour, which means I’m waking up feeling refreshed. I’m getting better sleep which gives me more energy to wake up early and walk, and I’m eating better meals to fuel my runs. Overall I’m noticing a positive impact on my mood and I love not feeling sluggish and exhausted all the time.

K: I’m stronger. Way stronger. And I’m able to power through things that felt impossible before. I’ve always gravitated towards strength training over cardio, so I’m surprised at how much running has changed my body. I don’t get sore as easily as I used to, and I can push myself a lot farther than even just a few weeks ago.

 What are you most looking forward to on race day?

 A: I’m looking forward to finishing and proving to myself that getting back in shape is possible. I’ve definitely pushed myself a lot more than I ever have while training. A few times I’ve wanted to give up, so crossing that finish line will be really rewarding. Even though I’ve run longer races before, this will be a huge accomplishment for me, knowing how out of shape I’ve become.

K: Ugh, finishing the race! I’m counting on that common belief that anything is possible on race day. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve put in a lot of work and gotten a lot out. But 5 kilometers is starting to feel really daunting, when my workouts only get up to about 2—and that’s a combination of running and walking. I’m looking forward to crossing the finish line and proving to myself that I can do it.

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